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Roar provides students with strategies to assist with self-confidence, study skills, pathways planning, goal setting, managing relationships and coping with challenges and change. Students take part in Roar from Year 7 to Year 12.

Program Structure

Roar fosters the development of essential life skills for our students, shaping them into adept learners and globally conscious citizens. The program reinforces moral and social expectations within our College community, with teachers actively engaging students in areas such as well-being, life skills, global citizenship, pathways planning, careers and study skills.

Years 7-8 students will explore how to:

  • Understand secondary expectations, foregrounding the College KEIS values
  • Develop effective approaches to study and assessment
  • Collaborate positively with peers and teachers, celebrating difference and individuality
  • Make positive choices when presented with risks
  • Evaluate their role in the community and become positive citizens

Years 9-10 students will explore how to:

  • Independently and consistently model College KEIS values
  • Know how to manage competing time commitments to effectively study 
  • Establish knowledge of AI technologies to ethically complete tasks with efficiency and accuracy
  • Develop knowledge and skills centred on career pathways, exploring their options for the future
  • Harness a positive self-concept, which focuses on their place within the wider community

Years 11-12 students will explore how to:

  • Embed the College KEIS values within their lives
  • Refine their career plans and utilise their studies to work towards their academic and employment goals
  • Become resilient young adults by developing a range of practical life skills 
  • Enter the world as confident and compassionate citizens who are prepared to adapt to the changes of the future

Benefits for Students

Through Roar, moral and social expectations are reinforced in our College community. Teachers work with students through the program to promote well-being, life skills, global citizenship, pathways planning, careers and study skills.

Other important features of the Roar program include:

  • Social skills
  • Organisation and time management
  • Positive communication 
  • Teamwork
  • Decision making
  • Safety
  • Finances
  • Personal healthcare