Years 11 & 12

The government's “learning or earning” laws require students to complete Year 10 at school and go on to complete a further two years of education and training, either into Senior schooling or the workforce on a full timebasis.

At Tamborine Mountain College students will work towards a Senior Statement.  There are two pathways for students to choose from:

1. Entrance into tertiary study or;
2. A school-based traineeship (SBT) with the goal being the attainment of the QCE and then an apprenticeship or trade, post Year 12.

At the completion of Year 12, students will receive a Senior Statement with a record of their subjects and other qualifications achieved such as a Certificate III from a School-Based Traineeship.

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is a school-based qualification awarded at the completion of the senior phase of learning, usually at the end of Year 12.  

It confirms a student’s achievements of:

  • a significant amount of learning – at least 20 credits. As school studies and other learning, such as SBT, are completed, these achievements or credits, as they are known, are banked and the learning account grows just like a bank account. 
  • a set standard of achievement – minimum SA in all subjects. meeting literacy and numeracy requirements – determined by a pass in English and Maths.

Tamborine Mountain College offers school-based traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities to selected students through the school-based traineeship program. 

The objective of the program is to assist students, whilst at school, to develop skills in a workplace setting, receive nationally accredited training and a qualification that will set them up for job opportunities and a career path after their schooling is complete. 

Students are able to achieve a Certificate level in their chosen industry whilst working part time as well as completing their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and working towards a Senior Statement.

School-Based Traineeship/Apprenticeship are suitable for students who do not wish to gain an ATAR or complete tertiary education.

  • English, English Essentials
  • Mathematical Methods, General Maths, Essential Maths
  • Business, Psychology, Physics, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Visual Arts in Practice, 
  • Biology, Engineering, French, Drama, Drama in Practice
  • Chemistry, Modern History, Psychology, Physical Education
  • Certificate II Sport Rec/Cert III Fitness (continuing from Year 10)
  • Certificate III Tourism (continuing from Year 10 Certificate II)
  • QCE Short Courses (for students not continuing certificates from Year 10)

Teacher tutorials occur typically occur after school according to the schedule (excluding the first and last week of term).

  • Tutorials are at no additional cost to families
  • Mondays and Fridays are not scheduled tutorial days
  • Refer to Parent Lounge for teacher availability (under General Links)

There are two bus companies that provide a bus service to the College. 

Please contact them directly for further information:

  *  Logan Coaches - 07 5546 3077

  *  Tamborine Mountain Coaches - 07 5545 1298 or 0422 936 786

NB: Parent contact details are shared with the relevant bus company.

A bus travel concession may apply for other catchment areas. 
Tamborine Mountain College families pay a family fare when travelling on TM Coaches, ensuring comparatively low fees for bus transport ($35 per family for ten trips, equating to $3.50 each way, paid directly to TM Coach driver).

The College offers a Travel Bursary/Concession to those families who live in a catchment which does not entitle your child to receive the Beaudesert or Logan Coaches bus travel concession. For further enquiries please contact TMC Accounts Department, ph 07 5545 3644 (option 2) or