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We are very honoured that you have chosen to view our College and we look forward to assisting you to place your child or children, as International students. We pride ourselves on our excellent academic results and well-rounded extra curricular programs, to enhance each student's experience while studying here on the Gold Coast hinterland - down under in our wonderful country, Australia.

International students are welcome at Tamborine Mountain College. We take a small number of students from overseas countries and these students are sometimes accommodated with College families for a set weekly boarding fee.

Students are welcome at any stage of their schooling years, but most are interested in the pre-university courses which are Years Eleven and Twelve. Students require a good level of English for these courses. Some students choose to start in Year Ten. Year Ten gives a good introduction to the study in Years Eleven and Twelve along with additional time to develop English Skills. Students may attend at any time over the Years Seven to Twelve depending on available places. Primary enrolment is only available under certain conditions.

Student ages for Australian students are:
College Year 7
12/13 years of age
College Year 8
13/14 years of age
College Year 9
14/15 years of age
College Year 10
15/16 years of age
College Year 11
16/17 years of age
College Year 12
17/18 years of age

Courses at Tamborine Mountain College start at the end of January each year and go through to the start of December. The major vacation is from early December to late January. There are short vacations in April, June and September each year.


Tamborine Mountain College is registered with CRICOS and is approved to provide courses or training to overseas students in Queensland.

CRICOS code: 01823G#

CRICOS Course Name CRICOS Course No
Secondary Years 11 – 12 boys and girls
Secondary Years 7 – 10 boys and girls
Primary Years 5 – 6 boys and girls
Primary Prep – Year 4 boys and girls